Tuesday, May 5, 2009

다운로드 Downloads

We're currently looking for more media uploaders on mediafire and other uploading websites as well. If you're interested if maintaining this download section with us, please email to ng_trsh@yahoo.com.sg and we'll reply with the password and username to the mediafire account.

Jobscope of Uploaders
- Upload Shinhwa related videos (including solo activities)
- Organise and update this post with the latest videos uploaded
- You do not have to purposely download ALL Shinhwa videos but you can share some you have already downloaded.

What are you waiting for? Join us now!


As part of this supporting Shinhwa program, we have decided to upload some media of Shinhwa (Group/Solo) for you downloading pleasure.

However, please do remember to give proper credits when uploading on streaming sites.

This page will be constantly updated when new media have been uploaded. Please check back.

Please note that files are dated "DayMonthYear".

If files are named .001, .002 please download all the files in the series and join them using hjjoin. Please put all extensions of the same video in the same folder before joining them with hjsplit.

Download hjsplit here:

Last updated: 7 May 2009



Music Videos:

Mediafire Shinhwa Music Videos Folder

1st album (1998): Problem Solver, Eusha Eusha, Chun Hun Il Hun
2nd album (1999): T.O.P, Yo!
3rd album (2000): Only One, All Your Dreams, Wedding March (Chinese)
4th album (2001): Falling In Love, Never Can Rewind
My Choice (2001): My Life Style
5th album (2002): Perfect Man, Honesty
SM Town (2002): Hero
6th album (2002): Deep Sorrow
7th album(2004): 2gether 4ever
8th album (2006): Once In A Lifetime
9th album (2008):
SM Town: Guardian Angel, Moving Forward, My Angel My Light


Mediafire Shinhwa Performances Folder

Wild Eyes:
2001 KBS Music Bank Wild Eyes Performance
(Hyesung sits on a chair due to his injured knee. 4 members dancing only)

English Subbed Videos:

Mediafire English Subbed Shinhwa Folder

1998 Mnet Hotline Interview with Shinhwa
2003 KM SungQ Backstage Interview with Shinhwa

Variety Shows:
2002 Shinhwa Cinderella Parody [credits to muish]
2008 We Got Married Ep 7 Shinhwa Cut [credits to kriza_09]
2008 Sang Sang Plus Dongwan and Junjin singing cut
2000 Shinhwa Open House
2002 Sae Seh Won Talk Show [credits Grazuclvzen]
2004 Yashimmanman Summer Special 3 * join each episode with hjsplit*
2004 Shinhwa's behaviour before recording of TV programmes
2004 Xman Episode 49 [credits to Kinetics 14] *13 parts join with hjsplit*
2004 Xman Episode 50 [credits to Kinetics 14]
26.03.2009 Great Song Battle Shinhwa is FOREVER 6 cut
08.04.2009 MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star cuts
2009 Come to Sleep Tonight Shinhwa cuts

2006 Lotteria Burger CF

Piano Scores:

Mediafire Shinhwa Piano Scores Folder

Wedding March
I Pray 4 U
Like You
Brand New
First Love
Gonna Be Alright

Music Rips/ Cellphone Tones:

Mediafire Shinhwa Music Rips/Cellphone Tones Folder

Cellphone Tones:
Cellphone tones (very complete collection) .rar [credits to shinhwa baidu]

Music Rips:
Eusha Eusha Kids version
Eric and Hyesung's Banana Song
Shinhwa Happy Together cute singing cut
Dongwan's I Miss You
Shinhwa's 1-9 album remix
Shinhwa's As Long As You Love Me (backstreet boys cover)


Mediafile Shinhwa Pictures Folder

Shinhwa 11th - GOOD ENT


(waiting to be uploaded)



Music Videos:

Mediafire Lee Minwoo Music Video Folder

2003 Biya!
2007 M Style



English Subbed Videos:

Mediafire Kim Dongwan English Subbed Folder

Variety Shows:
2007 Star Golden Bell Dongwan cut



Music Videos:

Mediafire Shin Hyesung Music Video Folder

2005 Same Thoughts
2009 SBS Shin Hyesung and Lyn Energy Song

Piano Scores:

Mediafire Shin Hyesung Piano Scores Folder

Take me to your heart.pdf

English Subbed Videos:

Mediafire Hyesung English Subbed Folder

Music Videos:

2009 Why Did You Call

23.02.2009 KM Wide News Shin Hyesung Comeback
24.02.2009 Mnet Super 100 Hyesung cut

Variety Shows:
08.04.2009 MBC Golden Fishery Hyesung cut



English Subbed Videos:

Mediafire Junjin English Subbed Folder

Variety Shows:
2006 Come To Play Junjin cut
2008 Infinity Challenge Junjin cuts
2008 Happy Together Junjin cuts
2008 Family Outing Junjin cut
13.10.08 Yashinmanman Junjin cut
25.01.09 We Got Married Junjin - Siyoung couple cut



English Subbed Videos:

Mediafire Andy English Subbed Folder

Variety Shows:
2009 Come to Sleep Tonight cuts


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